Silicone Passive Sampler for Tributlytin (TBT) Analysis From Tropical Costal Water Columns

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The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA)
Passive sampler represents monitoring tool for measuring of different contaminants in marine environment. The major aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of the silicone sheet passive sampler (SSPS) for Organotin species i.e. TBT, DBT and MBT. The study was conducted based on laboratory experiments and then tested on natural tropical coastal waters. Laboratory based results showed good recovery (106%) for Tri-butyl tin (TBT) compared to daughter species Di-butyl tin (DBT) and Mono-butyl tin (MBT) which were 55% and 11%, respectively. The SSPS detected TBT up to 0.9 ppb at Zanzibar field harbor. The results strongly suggest that SSPS are very efficient, costs and time effective for TBT analysis in tropical water column compared to its degradation products i.e. DBT and MBT. This study provides a clear insight on potential of silicone sheet as a robust tool in terms of recovery, cost and time effectiveness for monitoring of toxic TBT compared to traditional methods.
Available in print form Tunguu Reference Library
Important of silicone passive sampler for Organotin species
Mulhat Moh'd Fasih