Community Adaptation to Climate Vulnerability Effects on Banana Farming in Zanzibar

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Banana production declined due to change of rainfall regularity of season and intensity, rising temperature and wind, that affect banana productivity. The aim of this study is to examine climate change impacts and adaptation measures to banana farmers. Data on rainfall, temperature and wind were observed, as well as adaptation measures taken by farmers towards the climate changed and variability impacts and to determine farmers’ perception on the adequacy or satisfaction towards adaptation option taken. To attain the study objectives a survey method includes, questionnaires to the farmers, in depth interview to the key informant of institute of agriculture and ASSP officers, documentary to the climate data at TMA and observation to the farming block was employed at Makunduchi, Kinyasini and Kizimbani from three different regions of South, North and Urban West in Zanzibar. The SPSS computer programme was used to obtain descriptive statistics of the collected data and Microsoft excel was used to analyze climate data using one sample t-test method. The result shows that banana farming suffer from insufficient rainfall and high dry spells as annual monthly rainfall is (p- value 0.03948) which means that there is a significant difference from the base line of 60 mm per month. However, there is no significant difference for average monthly temperature and annual monthly wind, in which p- value =3.528e-07 for a minimum temperature of 24°C and 8.599e-10, for a maximum temperature of 33°C and annual monthly average wind has ap-valueof8.42e-12. It is concluded that adaptation to reduce rainfall impacts is necessary to improve production, as observed at Makunduchi where technical and institutional changes able to manage a good farming practice, especially irrigation, to increase production, while in Kinyasini and Kizimbani the inadequate water supply could not sustain banana production. Overall, water infrastructure or irrigation should be improved to promote high production so as to maintain livelihood and ensure enough food supply.
The aim of this study is to examine climate change impacts and adaptation measures to banana farmers.